IDJ Now Welcomes DJ Guido!

March 23, 2011

Because of the recent popularity and rapid growth of the DJ industry we are going to be expanding the way we let our customers know about  current news and information , this is the reason we have enlisted the help of pro dj and music industry veteran Guido Osorio. “Guido’s Corner” will be a current events blog highlighting any and all industry events and product news.

Hello Everyone! My name Is Guido Osorio I am part of the production team better known as Razor N’ Guido I have been a DJ for over 27 years and have been remixing , producing and engineering for 20 of those years. I am honored to work with I DJ NOW  to help bring you current news, information and knowledge about all the new products and information that are constantly changing  in this industry. I know it can get confusing so I hope to help simplify and break down all the news and product info that changes everyday in a way that will help all our customers make better choices in in their future purchases.

I also will be welcoming emails with questions as well as suggestions as to how we can make this blog and the whole  I DJ NOW experience better.

Check out our Facebook site as well as my website and feel free to email us at

Here’s what I am currently excited about:


Fresh on the heels of the release of the Pioneer DDJ T1 Traktor controller we now have the Pioneer DDJ S1 Serrato ITCH controller,  in my opinion Pioneer has once again hit it right on the mark with these controllers, bringing all the versatility of their flagship players bundled with the quality of their pro mixers into one compact and highly portable package.

Both controllers come bundled with either Traktor pro DJ software and or Serato’s ITCH software, which is technically a stripped down version its Serato Scratch cousin except it does not handle video.

Full “plug and play” compatibility with every feature of the bundled software mapped out on the controller, also the  design of the controllers allow you to slip your laptop under the front of the unit essentially docking it covering the computers keyboard allowing the screen to still be visible and closer to the user, all the function of the hidden keyboard are available on the controller including deck load and alphabetical word and title search.

Both units are also high quality soundboards with balanced XLR outputs and three MIC inputs with separate eq and talkover buttons. There two headphone outputs one in back and one in front, a full featured integrated  2 channel mixer not unlike the Pioneer DJM-400.

The two deck controller sections are almost exactly like Pioneer CDJ-400 bringing the classic pioneer feel and response to both controllers which is especially important for those who are making the transition from CD to MP3/Media, all multiple effect parameters are accessible from the front panel as well as multiple hot starts for each deck, both units have needle drop technology giving you the freedom to start from any point in a particular song just by pressing the touch ribbon located above either one of the control wheels.

All these features at an affordable price are sure to make these controllers one of the most popular additions to the controller market since its inception, look out for more info from me in future blogs when I get a chance to test drive these controllers in real world applications.


Not being a “light guy” myself I tend to have a lot of respect for all the “light guys” out there for without them us dj’s would just be some idiots playing music in dark rooms (not that there’s anything wrong with that) LOL so when a light comes along that truly simplifies the event lighting process I immediately take notice.

Enter the Chauvet  “Circus” this is one of the coolest singular lights I have seen in a very long time compact and relatively light (10 pounds). Circus astonishingly has no moving parts!  It uses a combination 320 LED’s (80 red, 80 green, 80 blue, 40 white, 40 amber) projected out of an array of 5 pods (64 LED’s per pod) with a total coverage area of 55° to create the illusion of movement! The effect is unreal and useable in almost any type of lighting condition. Circus is fully User-configurable  but  also has built in automated programs via master/slave DMX. Honestly all you really need to do is put it in “Sound Activated mode” and it will go through its built in preset modes automatically (Sorry Light Guy).

For larger installations up to 12 Circus lights can be power linked allowing for less wires needed for each individual light.

Circus is going to be a hit get yours now before they all sell out!

Check out this and many other cool products on our website I DJ NOW.

That’s it for me, I hope that you enjoyed my corner and expect you to come and check out what’s new on the regular also please write in with questions and comments, talk to you soon!

Guido Osorio


Pioneer has once again chosen I DJ NOW to unveil their new products coming late 2009/early 2010!

November 14, 2009
Tuesday, December 8th – 7 PM
The new CDJ-2000 / CDJ-900 / DJM-5000 Demo
for I DJ NOW customers

Come join us along with Pioneer, and Pioneer’s featured DJ, DJ LARS, while we give you the first chance to see, hear, and feel the new Pioneer  products!

Featured New Release Products: CDJ2000 Media Player, CDJ900 Media Player,and DJM5000

I DJ NOW will be offering Free Drawings for people who attend. We’re working closely with Pioneer to make the Grand Prize another head-turner as we have done at our past events

WHEN: Tuesday, December 8th
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: I DJ NOW Queens location only
You can sign up on our FACEBOOK page: IDJNOW

Benefits of L.E.D. Lighting

June 19, 2009

A Professional Mobile DJ today is more than just playing music and being the master of ceremony-it’s creating an overall sensory experience of sight and sound that energizes your audience.  Each type of customer engagement offers countless options for implementation and effective delivering this experience which can attract and retain valued clients.  The most powerful way to take your show to the next level is with the latest in lighting technology. It is estimated that by adding a lighting show to your mobile system or club will increase revenues between 15% – 30% on an annual basis, effectively paying for itself in the first year.

In the past lighting systems for Mobile DJs were either cumbersome with heavy metal casings, expensive bulbs that needed to changed often or lower quality with limited effects. Today’s advances in LED ( Light Emitting Diode) Lighting Technology provides the mobile DJ with the ability to create a “nightclub” style light show with out the need of an entire road crew, yet on a very affordable budget. LED lighting requires very little electricity so you don’t need to worry about tripping breakers. They also have an average of 100,000 hour life with no duty cycle so you can run them all night long. Plus, they produce virtually no heat!

American DJ, Chauvet & Elation are the leading suppliers of affordable yet reliable LED Lighting for today’s Mobile DJ.  Prices start at just $70.00 and many popular effects are under only $200, with elaborate systems running as high as $2000-$3000 per head. Most LED lighting provides the mobile operator with the ability for 3 operational modes: DMX controller, Master/Slave and Sound Active.   Lighting Controller Systems can range from $80.00 for a basic On/Off system to a fully programmable DMX for $300.00 depending how creative you want to develop you light show.

Lasers were limited for the Mobile DJ because of cost and set up-however today’s advances in laser technology have put this unique special effect in a price point affordable to lighting enthusiasts. Lasers can work with or without fog or haze in the air. They can shoot beams to literally hundreds of feet.

For the Mobile DJ just beginning to explore lighting or the seasoned professional looking to dump the 50 pound disco ball and pin spots-here are my picks for an affordable and awesome light show for your clients:

Hey DJ’s We Need YOU. Give the Gift of Life

June 19, 2009
I DJ NOW Blood Drive

I DJ NOW Blood Drive

I DJ NOW is asking the DJ community to come together and show our support for human life
by donating 10 minutes of your time and some blood.

Join us on Thursday July 9th 2009 anytime from 2:00pm-7:30pm.

Long Island Ducks baseball tickets will be given away to many donors as a token of appreciation from Long Island Blood Services

Some Reasons To Participate:
Local media is expected to appear to publicize the strength of the DJ community.

Be proud to be a DJ that saves lives!

Great opportunity to take a picture in front of the Long Island Blood Services Bus and show clients your community support.

Free Long Island Ducks baseball tickets for many of the donors.

click here for printable details

Benefits of buying DJ Equipment in 2009

June 19, 2009

You say to yourself-with all this talk of a recession and the withdrawal of the credit markets WHY would I even consider expanding my mobile DJ business, purchase new LED Lights or upgrade my equipment?

I’ll give you two reasons why it is a good time to expand or re-equip your mobile DJ Business:

1) American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009

2) Deals too good to pass up.

To better understand, you are a Mobile DJ contemplating the purchase of a new video system, providing for the opportunity to capture an untapped market. Is it the right time to make this investment for your business? “YES”

The American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allows a small business owner the opportunity to full depreciate the expense for new equipment in the year in which it is purchased up to a maximum amount of $250,000.00.  This accounting method for tax purposes is better known as the “Section 179 Expensing”

Under Section 179 Expensing, equipment, and off-the-shelf computer software may be immediately expensed in the same year as the asset was placed in service, rather than recovered the cost of the equipment over time which is referred to as depreciation.  The deduction can help lower your adjusted gross income, which could help you qualify for various deductions and ultimately reduce your tax liability and the money you pay to Uncle Sam.

Manufactures are offering a variety of incentives that provide for reduced acquisition costs for DJ equipment.   With inventory levels high and company’s looking to bring new products to the market and move out last year’s models IDJNow can pass along measurable savings on new equipment purchases.

Overall now it the time to make that important decision to update your systems, venture into video performance, incorporate digital technology or acquiring the latest in lighting and laser effects.

Jerry Bazata President of J&J Marketing and Entertainment is a leading consultant for the Nightclub Industry and has been featured in DJ Times Business Line and as an Industry Expert at the International DJ Expo and International Bar/Nightclub and Restaurant Show.   If you have further questions email:

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June 19, 2009

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